MAES Network Extension - Rebranding service stations

Rebranding stations

Dear customer,

As you already know, we at MAES are busy rebranding our OCTA+ and DESIMPEL stations to ESSO, SHELL & MAES colors. The stations are then given a completely new look, which makes it even more pleasant to refuel with us!


A large number of our OCTA + stations get the colors of the international player SHELL. This means that with your MAES fuel card you can now also refuel at a few SHELL service stations and once the rebranding is complete you will also be able to use it at all SHELL service stations in Belgium.


ESSO is also a well-known player with whom we have had a strong partnership for several years. This allowed you to use all ESSO service stations with your MAES fuel card for several years.


The rebranding also increases the number of your trusted MAES stations. But as you can read above, MAES is not just a network of its own stations, thanks to cooperation with a few large partners (Texaco, Esso, Shell, …) we ensure that you can go to a network of nearly 1500 service stations spread throughout the Benelux. With our MAES Mobility Card you can then look further across Europe.

 Planned rebranding

In the month of September the stations below will be completely rebranded. It is important to know that you can still go to all these stations with your MAES fuel card!

These changes will take place in the coming weeks:

WEEK 36: 02/09-08/09 OCTA+ Genappe becomes SHELL Genappe

WEEK 36: 02/09-08/09 OCTA+ Saintes becomes ESSO Saintes

WEEK 36: 02/09-08/09 OCTA+ Sauvenière becomes SHELL Sauvenière

WEEK 36: 02/09-08/09 OCTA+ Cortil-Wodon becomes ESSO Cortil-Wodon

WEEK 37: 09/09-15/09 OCTA+ Perwez becomes SHELL Perwez

WEEK 37: 09/09-15/09 OCTA+ Eghezée becomes SHELL Eghezée

WEEK 37: 09/09-15/09 OCTA+ Bassilly becomes ESSO Bassilly

WEEK 37: 09/09-15/09 OCTA+ Petit-Enghien becomes ESSO Petit-Enghien

WEEK 38: 16/09-22/09 OCTA+ Hornu becomes ESSO Hornu

WEEK 38: 16/09-22/09 OCTA+ Gaurain-Ramecroix becomes ESSO Gaurain-Ramecroix

WEEK 38: 16/09-22/09 OCTA+ Hacquegnies becomes ESSO Hacquegnies

WEEK 38: 16/09-22/09 OCTA+ Stambruges becomes ESSO Stambruges

WEEK 39: 23/09-29/09 OCTA+ Nivelles becomes SHELL Nivelles

WEEK 39: 23/09-29/09 OCTA+ Waterloo becomes SHELL Waterloo

WEEK 39: 23/09-29/09 OCTA+ Braine-l’Alleud becomes SHELL Braine-l’Alleud

WEEK 39: 23/09-29/09 OCTA+ Anderlues becomes SHELL Anderlues