MAES Network Extension - Rebranding service stations

Dear customer,

At MAES we always try to expand our network of service stations. With the MAES fuel card you can now refuel at more than 1400 service stations in the Benelux. But we are also constantly trying to grow the network of our own stations!

We are therefore proud to announce that we have recently taken over the ESSO stations from Guvvi (21). In addition, we have taken over 3 individual stations, so MAES now supplies a total of 287 stations. You can easily find the location of all these new stations here.

Together with the acquisition, we have also entered into a partnership with seven Q8 service stations from Guvvi. You can also find this in the same list and from now on you can also use your MAES fuel card there.

Rebranding service stations

In the coming months we will change a large number of our stations (from Desimpel & Octa +) to other brands, in particular MAES, ESSO & SHELL. For this we will inform you regularly so that you are always informed. It is important to know that your MAES fuel card will continue to work at these locations!

The color changes should all be ready at the beginning of next year. From then on, you can also use your MAES fuel card at all SHELL service stations in Belgium. We will send additional information about this in due course!

Rebranding in the coming weeks

On the following dates, the rebranding will begin: