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Smart reporting

From now on you can easily obtain an invoice when you used your bank card  to refuel! 

If you do not have a fuel card and refuel with your bank card, you can now also receive an invoice quickly and easily. So no more searching for tickets and hours of work to put everything in order. Of course you can easily solve this by applying for the MAES fuel card. But there is now also a second solution, namely smart reporting.

For this, you simply have to register with your bank card or credit card and we will arrange the rest for you. You will then receive a free invoice every month in your mailbox. This means that you no longer lose any extra time to get everything right.

Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting can be used by anyone, whether you are a customer or not. You only need your bank card or credit card to register. After registration you will receive a monthly invoice by mail. Here you get a nice overview of all your transactions. So it works the same as a regular fuel card. Via your account you can also easily check all your transactions, add or delete cards and adjust your data.

Are you already a smart reporting customer?

Log in with your username and password

How to register as a new customer for Smart Reporting?

  • Press the button at the top or click here to sign up for smart reporting.
  • Select “register as a new customer”
  • Enter your email address
  • You will immediately receive an email with which you can enter all your details and you can enter your bank card or credit card
  • You will receive an email to set your password.
  • You now have access to your account