Refuel in Europe with EW and MAES

With our handy MAES fuel card you can already refuel throughout the Benelux. Do you need to go the other countries? Then from now on you can use the card from our partner EW. With this card you can go to a number of brands. In addition to our own MAES, ESSO, OCTA + stations, you can also use it at Shell, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil & Lukoil. EW offers different cards.

Eurowag One: With this card you can be confident that your transport can continue to run smoothly so that you can easily keep fuel costs under control. This post-paid  fuel card is a secure payment solution that has been specially designed by Eurowag for large and medium-sized transport companies.

Eurowag Easy: This option is a pay-as-you go solution for all fuel and tolls. This is designed for the smaller companies and gives direct access to refueling on a network of 5000 stations. No bank guarantees are needed for this and it gives you complete control over the expenses in addition to freedom on the job. You can easily put money on the card via a credit card or bank transfer via a handy top-up system online. In addition to charging money, the account also allows you to view vehicle consumption, evaluate, register toll roads and consult invoices.

Eurowag Vector: This card is specially for freight forwarders, so you can easily put new transport subcontractors in the system. Get a handy and easy overview of this. The system always looks at the payment data to transfer payments so that this is favorable for the cash flow. You can also set a commission on all transactions for tolls and fuels. You can choose this yourself.

Eurowag Fleet: This card is especially useful for fleet managers, they can benefit from discounts on fuel prices and all fuel & toll transactions come together on one handy invoice. Road users benefit from a network of 5000 stations in Europe and a handy app for finding the nearest station.

Eurowag Fuel cards

For whom?
Large and medium size companies smaller and delevery companies Freight-forwarders Companies with a fleet off company cars
Payment conditions
Weekly invoice+14 days Prepaid Weekly invoice + 14 days Weekly invoice + 14 days
Fuel card network
11000 service stations 5000 service stations 5000 service stations 5000 service stations
21 countries 21 countries 21 coutnries
VAT refund
– Standard VAT refund- Excise duty- Net invoicing Stand VAT refund – Excise duty – Standard VAT refund – Excise duty – Net invoicing



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