Discover the brand new MAES-App

Our handy and brand new MAES app can now be found in the App Store & Play Store. From now on you can quickly find and navigate to the nearest station. What’s more: from now on you can release the pump and start refueling with one click of a button! You can find more information about the app at the links below!


Stationfinder 2.0

This usefull app is the ideal companion when you are on the road. As soon as you open the app, you immediately get an overview of all our nearest locations where you can go with the mobile app. At the moment these are still our own stations and a number of participating dealers, in total already about 300 locations. This number is expected to grow rapidly. You will immediately get an overview of the products available at the stations and also the prices at our own stations. That way you will never be faced with surprises.

You can search for the nearest locations or use the search bar to search for a gas station near a certain place. Just press the arrow and your navigation will start immediately! That way you don’t lose time.

Mobile refeuling

But more importantly, you can now also refuel with your mobile with this handy app. So you no longer have to use the terminal, a real timesaver, but also a little safer during this Covid period. You can immediately release the pump at the push of a button. Currently, mobile refueling is only for our fuel card customers. But after the summer there will be a major update with which you can also add your bank card or credit card and so everyone can enjoy mobile refueling with MAES!

Can’t wait? Simply request your MAES fuel card (only for companies and self-employed) and start mobile refeuling


How do I remove a fuel card from the app

If you want to remove a fuel card, go to “settings” at the bottom right and there you will get an overview of all fuel cards. There you can press the map on the trash can at the top left. Just confirm and the card is gone.

I have lost my pin code for the app. What now?

If you have lost the pin code of your app, it is best to reinstall and register the app. Currently you cannot request the PIN again for security reasons. Otherwise, anyone who has access to your cell phone can refuel for free. It is handy to put the fingerprint in it, so you don’t need the pin code and you can still safely refuel on your mobile.

Can I change my app PIN?

You can change the pin code via settings, icon at the bottom right.

Can I change the language of the app?

You can easily adjust the language of the app via settings, icon at the bottom right. Currently the app is available in English, French & Dutch.

Is mobile refeuling possible anywhere?

Mobile refueling is currently only possible on our own network of about 300 stations. Soon you will also be able to do this on our entire fuel card network.

Where can I find my original PIN code?

The app uses the original PIN code, which you received in the accompanying letter when you received the card. If you have already changed this code and you no longer have the original one, you can of course always request it via the MAES fuel card service. Please note that you do this via an e-mail address known to us.

Which pin code should I use for the MAES app

During registration you can enter a pin code for using the app. This pin code can be your personal pin code and does not have to be that of the fuel card. You will have to enter this every time, if you do not work via fingerprint, when you want to refuel mobile.

You do need the original pin code of the fuel card to insert the fuel card for the first time. If you no longer have this, you can always request it via Please note that you do this via an e-mail address known to us (for example, where the invoices will appear).

Are the data from the app automatically included on the invoice?

No, if you would like the number plate and vehicle to be included on the invoice, you can set this up via MY MAES or contact the fuel card service.

Do I have to create a new account or can I use this from MY MAES?

You need to create a new account for the app. You can complete this in a few short steps and then you can link your fuel card to it. For invoicing we still look at the data on “My MAES”.

Can I refuel on my mobile without a MAES Fuel Card?

No, at the moment you can only refuel mobile via the app with a MAES fuel card. You can use the app as a locator, but mobile refueling is not yet. An update is planned after the summer with which you can also add a bank card or credit card and from then on the app and especially mobile refueling will be available to everyone.

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