Refueling at G & V with the multi-brand fuel card

It is our logo and our name on the MAES fuel card for companies, but that does not mean that you can only use it in our own stations. Do you encounter a gas station at G & V on your route, or do you just like to fill up with the G & V Energy Group? Use the multi-brand fuel card from MAES!

MAES fuel card for companies: not only in our 280 stations

We are proud that our fuel card for companies makes your life and that of your team a lot easier and cheaper. Why are we so sure? You always have a gas station nearby. Because in addition to our 280 stations, for example, you have more than 70 G & V stations available. In total, our partner network has no less than 1,400 stations, where you can enjoy particularly attractive fuel prices with the MAES fuel card.

Refueling at G & V – with a touch of MAES

When you start refueling at G & V, you benefit with the MAES fuel card from the well-known MAES benefits. We already mentioned the warranty on the lowest fuel price, but did you know that you can easily manage the fuel card for companies online, so that you know for your entire team what amount and where they have refueled? You do not have to keep track of your tank receipts from G & V or other partners: you will receive a transparent and detailed invoice every month. Win win!

And the best of all: requesting a fuel card costs you nothing at all.

Request a free fuel card