Visa card, in the form of a MAES Mobility Card

Refueling and parking are two important business costs that you can pay with the Mobility card from MAES – but of course it doesn’t stop there. In order to strengthen the ties with customers or suppliers, you may want to have lunch with them or give them a promotional gift every now and then. Thanks to the MAES Mobility Card, which after authorization by the employer also acts as a VISA card, you can do all these expenses without worrying. You don’t have to keep receipts. Read here how this works exactly …

Keeping a ticket is a thing of the past

Although you are more concerned with the content during your business activities – such as customer contact during a dinner party – there is also a lot of paperwork involved. You have to keep every receipt and post your costs afterwards in the form of an expense report. Unless … you use a MAES Mobility Card. This mobility card also serves as a payment card, and it keeps track of all your expenses. At the end of the month, your expenses are bundled into one handy VAT invoice, along with all other business expenses you have encountered, such as for public transport.

MAES mobility card: use it anywhere in Europe where you can pay with Visa

Where exactly can you use the mobility card from MAES exactly as a payment card? With the permission of your employer, you can use the MAES Mobility Card at almost all European locations that accept Visa as a payment method. You recognize the shops, restaurants, petrol stations and car parks belonging to this category with their Visa logo at the entrance or at the checkout.

Since the Visa card is used a lot worldwide, you are also assured a gigantic network with the MAES mobility card. You don’t have to worry about skimming or other malpractice: your MAES Mobility Card is equipped with an EMV chip that guarantees your privacy and security at all times. Please note: certain transactions, such as gambling and erotically colored purchases, are excluded.

Full control by the employer

With a MAES Mobility Card the employer keeps full control at all times. All options that this mobility card has to offer – and there are many – must be authorized one by one; standard they’re not active. In this way, as an employer, you will never face surprises and keep your hands firmly in control.

Managing mobility was never so easy

Je mobiliteitskaart als betaalkaart gebruiken?