Take public transport: train, tram, metro and bus

Public transport is a crucial part of our business mobility today. Relocations for the work are no longer only done by car, but also by tram, bus and train, whether or not supplemented by a ride with the (sub) bicycle or (part) scooter. Or does that colorful collection of train and tram tips mean extra administrative hassle? Not at all. All trips by public transport simply appear on one periodic invoice, which also lists mobility expenses such as taxi or parking costs.

Buy train ticket with your mobility card

Via the Milo app that is linked to the MAES Mobility Card you can buy your train tickets at the NMBS in no time at all. Moreover, you and your employees can categorize every train ride. If it is a home-to-work transfer, if it is a transfer to a customer or if the journey belongs to yet another cost item, then you simply add extra information. In other words, processing invoices and receipts manually is a thing of the past, and that means administrative simplification of format.

From one-time bus ride to subscription

Do you and your employees take the bus? Then you can purchase your De Lijn tickets directly via the Milo app – at least if you are a MAES Mobility Card holder! Also a subscription at De Lijn activate and pay with your mobility card. Any discounts that certain cities or municipalities give to their residents are automatically deducted.

Brussels public transport

Finally, the MAES Mobility Card makes it easy to take public transport in Brussels, including the metro. With this mobility card you can go to the POS terminals of GO and to the ticket offices of Bootik and Kiosk. Do you work with the MOBIB card? Then just link it to your MAES Mobility Card!