Shared mobility: car sharing and more, with the MAES mobility card

The sharing economy is on the rise: more and more people realize that ‘use’ is much more useful than ‘owning’, and sharing drills and vacuum cleaners with their neighbors. This principle can also easily be applied to means of transport, such as the success of, among others, Poppy, Villo! and demonstrates Scooty. Shared mobility has many advantages and is central to a sustainable mobility policy. Even for business mobility, shared cars, part-bicycles, part-scooters or even part-cars are often indispensable. Fortunately, the MAES Mobility Card bundles all those options on one handy card – and in one convenient app.

The advantages of shared cars and bicycles

Those who often have to go to work for their job know only too well that business mobility stands or falls with flexibility. Through a smart combination of cycling, taking public transport and doing shared mobility, you improve accessibility and your travel comfort, and save costs. Moreover, you contribute your part to a healthier environment by using a shared car instead of using your own car.

Wide range of shared mobility providers

With the MAES Mobility Card you have access to many companies that offer shared mobility. We are happy to list all the current possibilities for you:

  • Car sharing: Poppy, DriveNow, Zipcar
  • Bicycle sharing: Velo Antwerp, Villo !, Billy
  • Scooter sharing: Scooty
  • Step sharing (step sharing): Bird, Troty

Did you know that your MAES mobility card even exempts you from the one-off registration fee of 29 euros that DriveNow users normally have to pay? This way professional travel with DriveNow becomes even more interesting!

Car sharing, bike sharing, … with MAES and only 1 invoice

Holders of a MAES Mobility Card simply visit the website of the above shared mobility providers and create an online account. If you select ‘Visa’ with payment method, you can simply use your MAES mobility card as a payment card. Keeping vouchers and reclaiming expenses is no longer necessary, because your Mobility Card neatly keeps track of all expenses and bundles them into one VAT invoice.