Pay parking and toll with the mobility card from MAES

From customer visits to meetings with partners: those who drive by car must also be able to get rid of them, and that is not always a matter of course. Finding the nearest parking garage, standing down until you can pay, drawing up and submitting a cost note, … These are just some of the challenges that you or your employees face. Read here how the MAES Mobility Card serves as a handy parking card and at the same time allows you to pay toll in an instant.

Your parking card always in your pocket

Users of the MAES Mobility Card have immediate access to the Milo app, which shows them where the nearest parking garage is located. You can use your mobility card in car parks such as Q-park, Interparking, Apcoa, Vinci and B-parking (at the NMBS stations). Once there, you simply use your MAES Mobility Card to pay – not only in Belgium, but also in the rest of Europe. You can also use your MAES mobility card to pay for street parking machines that are compatible with Visa, at the airports in the Benelux, France and Germany or at the NMBS station. An extra handy at Zaventem airport: you can even pay valet parking with it.

Start and stop your parking session in a mobile way

Prefer mobile payment? This is currently only possible at Parkmobile via the Milo app, but keep an eye on our website to know when you can also park via Yellowbrick and other providers. We systematically increase the number of connected parking apps! How exactly does it work? Take your Milo app to hand, and you can start and end your parking session with one tap on the screen. Your parking costs are automatically deducted from the amount on your MAES Mobility Card and collected on your periodic VAT invoice.

Pay toll with your mobility card

You also have to pay a toll to drive through pay tunnels, bridges or toll roads with the MAES Mobility Card – and all over Europe, in all the corridors where you can pay with Visa. At the Liefkenshoek tunnel you have to be extra attentive, because you can only go to the manned payment points.