Tax benefit: easily recover foreign VAT

Most companies and organizations know only too well that they can report much of their business costs – and those of their employees – to the tax department, such as the costs of a refueling or parking session. What many people don’t know, however, is that you can also recover foreign VAT from the tax authorities of the country in question. However, reclaiming a VAT can be a time-consuming process, both with respect to domestic and foreign transactions. Time to introduce another important fact that may not be known yet: for all transactions within Europe that you pay with the MAES Mobility Card, VAT recuperation is a piece of cake. Discover quickly why that is the case!

Far-reaching automation

The MAES mobility card is linked to a system that enables far-reaching automation. Thanks to a collaboration with VAT specialist VATit, for example, you no longer have to worry about the specific minimum amounts and rules that each individual European country uses for the return of VAT (for example, in some EU member states it is not allowed to pay for expenses such as restaurant costs VAT refund request). VATit made an inventory of all these rules in its information system, which automatically knows which amounts are eligible for VAT recovery.

Reclaim foreign VAT: no stress factor

Thanks to the extensive European network of VATit, you increase your chances of successfully reclaiming VAT that you paid abroad. If you and / or your employees regularly reside in other European countries and then incur business costs, a MAES mobility card will save you a lot of work. VATit ensures that your VAT recuperation runs as efficiently as possible and achieves maximum savings – not to mention the time gained.

Thanks to the MAES Mobility Card, you will not lose money

It may be clear: if you do not reclaim VAT on foreign invoices, you will lose precious money – and that is obviously not an attractive idea. The MAES Mobility Card ensures that recovering foreign VAT is no longer something to worry about. And that is again an attractive idea!

Managing mobility was never so easy

Make it easier to recuperate foreign VAT?