Pay for electric charging at charging stations with the MAES Mobility Card

At MAES we support environmentally friendly solutions such as driving electric and hybrid cars. The MAES Mobility Card is also perfectly suited for those who drive with such vehicles. For charging at a charging station, you simply pay with your mobility card, and all your charges then appear neatly on one invoice – along with other mobility costs, such as those for using a shared bicycle or a public transport pass.

Charging stations throughout Europe

Not only in Belgium (including Blue Corner, EV-Box, The New Motion and in the parking garages of Q-Park), but also in the Netherlands and Germany you charge your electric and / or hybrid car with your MAES mobility card or with the MAES EV tag. That tag is a kind of keychain with which you can start a loading session. In the Benelux alone you can fall back on more than 23,300 public charging points, but you also have plenty of options in Germany and the rest of Europe. The latter can be found in Chargemap, which you can download via the app store. You then connect Chargemap to your MAES Mobility Card to settle the costs immediately, and you can travel carefree across Europe.

A charging station at home?

Those who charge their car electrically at home do not have to look for their second charging card or submit an expense report afterwards. The MAES Mobility Card can also be used by some suppliers for these charging costs – at least if you have that option added as an employer. You read it: you can easily personalize the Mobility Card for your employees.

The Milo app guides you through

In the vicinity of your home or office, you may find the charging stations very easy, but what if you want to recharge while on the road or do you plan on a business trip in unknown territory with your electric car? No problem: the MAES Mobility Card is linked to the Milo app, and based on your current location, it shows all the nearest charging points, even those in a parking garage or at an airport. And it does not stop there: as an accomplished GPS, the app guides you to the charging station of your choice.