Regular car washes

Your car is your bill board. You want to be comfortable and clean when you have to drive to a distant meeting, but of course you prefer to arrive with a shiny than with a dusty car at (future) customers or other business relations. Getting your car ready at all times requires regular car washes. If you have permission from your employer to go to the car wash with your MAES Mobility Card, you fprtunately can easily go to any car wash in Europe that accepts Visa as a payment method.

On the way to the carwash

Are you already on the road when you suddenly realize that your car does not look that good at all? Then you can use the Milo app (which is part of the MAES Mobility Card) to find out in a touch of a button which car wash is on your route. And you can also do that outside Belgium: for the entire Benelux you get an overview of the nearest locations. Select a branch, and the app will take you there right away! Paying on the spot, you of course do with your MAES mobility card.

Save time thanks to the MAES Mobility Card

People on the job a lot, save lots of receipts in a month. Is your wallet full with tickets or do you lose a ticket regularly, so you can’t file an expense report? Then you will be happy to hear that, thanks to the mobility card from MAES, all your car wash visits at the end of the month simply appear on one handy invoice, along with all other business costs you have incurred, such as for parking and tolls or for shared mobility. .

The benefits of the MAES mobility card

If you are the proud owner of the MAES mobility card, you not only save money (because you are always certain of the most affordable refueling), but also time: you always immediately find a car wash in your neighborhood thanks to your app, you pay without any problems your MAES Mobility Card at all locations in Europe that accept Visa and you do not have to worry about the administration.

Managing mobility was never so easy

To the car wash when it suits you?