A premium fuel card for companies: the MAES Mobility Card

With the MAES Mobility Card, you and your employees can call on many interesting services, such as parking and paying toll, but also book a taxi or book a hotel. With all these options you would almost forget that this mobility card also ‘just’ serves as a fuel card – and not a standard fuel card, but a premium version! We are happy to explain why that is the case here.

Budget-friendly refueling, and always close

With the MAES Mobility Card you can refuel not only at the MAES stations themselves – and there are already about 280 – but also at the stations of partners such as Esso, Texaco and Octa +. In total, our network therefore contains more than 1,000 filling stations, whereby you can of course also use a regular MAES fuel card. So there is always a pump close by, and that’s useful if you’re on the job a lot. Moreover, you and your staff are certain of the lowest fuel price. Done with driving around looking for the most affordable refueling!

Do you want to be able to refuel more stations, even if that means you have to let the MAES discount pass you by? Sometimes a broad coverage is indeed the most important thing to avoid surprises. That is why MAES is expanding its tank network in Europe to all stations accepting Visa. As an employer, you can or can not give the holder access to this extra-wide network per mobility card. Moreover, you can also give employees the authority to refuel with their MAES Mobility Card abroad.

Business fuel card with handy app

A handy app is also attached to the MAES Mobility Card: the Milo app. They guide you to the nearest petrol station or charging point for your electric car and gives you an overview of your current mobility budget. In addition, the app allows you to report your mileage on one-two-three or to categorize your transactions (not only on private expenses or business expenses, but also by customer name or cost). You therefore retain control of your budget and the expenditure per employee at all times.

No more fuss with receipts

With the Mobility card from MAES you get rid of receipts. This does not only mean that the card registers every expense – from parking ticket to hotel bill – and you therefore do maximum VAT recuperation, but also that you exchange a tangle of receipts for one invoice. This periodic settlement is transparent and extremely detailed. In other words, your administrative burden is significantly reduced!