Fuel card for Belgium and part of Europe

You are set with a fuel card for companies. Not only as an employer, but also as an employee. Comparing fuel cards is worth it, because there are many providers who are involved in healthy competition. What do you think of the MAES fuel card, for example? It relieves you of hassle with receipts – you get an extremely transparent invoice instead – and gives you a hefty discount at the pump. Looking for a Belgian fuel card? Here we tell you everything about it.

Refueling in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

The MAES fuel card serves you in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you also opt for the MAES Mobility Card extras, you can go to all European stations outside of Belgium where you can pay with Visa.

Advantages of the MAES fuel card in Belgium and the Netherlands

Choosing the MAES fuel card gives you a lot of benefits. We are happy to list them for you.

  • Large coverage
    The MAES fuel card is a multi-brand fuel card. This means that you can use it not only at your own MAES filling stations, but also at partners such as Esso and Texaco. In total our network contains more than 1,700 stations in the Benelux.
  • Super-affordable fuel prices
    Thanks to the MAES fuel card you can tank extremely competitively, although it does not cost you anything to request our fuel card.
  • Easy (online) management
    You also keep control of your fuel costs thanks to the transparent and detailed monthly invoice and the handy online platform “My MAES”. Via this management module you can, among other things, change your personal code, monitor the fuel consumption of employees and deactivate cards.

Fuel card for companies and the self-employed
The MAES fuel card is for companies and the self-employed, and meets the needs of all means of transport, from company cars to vans and trucks. We not only offer diesel, Superplus 98 and Europlus 95 in our network, but also AdBlue, CNG and LPG, among others.

MAES fuel card as a multi-brand fuel card and all-in-one fuel card

You can refuel with the MAES multi-brand tank card at:

  • Esso service stations in Belgium
  • Texaco service stations in Belgium
  • Octa + service stations in Belgium
  • G&V service stations in Belgium
  • PMO service stations in Belgium
  • DeSimpel service stations in Belgium
  • Shell service stations in Belgium (from 2020)

In addition, in Europe we mainly offer ample coverage in the Netherlands, and our card also conceals the following fuel cards:

  • Haan fuel card for the Netherlands
  • Vissers fuel card for the Netherlands
  • Firezone fuel card for the Netherlands
  • Esso fuel card for the Netherlands
  • Texaco fuel card for the Netherlands

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The costs of the MAES fuel card

Although many providers charge extra costs for their fuel cards – from service fees to start-up costs or fines for late payments – you will never be faced with surprises with MAES. Requesting our fuel card is not only free, we also do not charge administrative fees. What we do foresee is a super-affordable price at the pump!

Refueling in the rest of Europe?
Are your employees often on the road outside the Benelux? Then they may benefit more from the MAES Mobility Card. With this all-in-one card you can not only refuel outside Belgium at all European stations where you can pay with Visa, but you can also:

  • pay parking and toll.
  • take public transportation.
  • engage in ‘shared mobility’.
  • pay for electric charging.
  • take a taxi, Uber or eCab.

The fuel card for Europe with extra options

Are you the owner of a transport company? Then the collaboration with Eurowag is perhaps interesting to view. After all, this makes life easier for transport companies with integrated tools for paying toll across Europe and for recovering VAT solutions easily. Moreover, there are various Eurowag fuel cards, tailored to a number of specific target groups – from medium-sized transport companies to freight forwarders or delivery services. With a card such as this you can refeul at more than 11,000 stations throughout Europe.

You read it: MAES has something for everyone when it comes to fuel cards!

Any more questions about our Fuel cards?

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