Economical refueling at PMO with the MAES fuel card for companies

MAES is proud of the fact that we can always offer you and your employees with no less than 1,400 stations a petrol station nearby. Done with endless driving around while you are already on the late side, or while you with one eye jealously keep an eye on the fuel gauge. We owe our impressive number of stations to the strong partnerships we entered into, including with PMO. Read here how you can perfectly with the MAES fuel card for companies refueling at PMO!

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Refueling at PMO? With MAES, of course

PMO has its own network of around 15 stations, almost all of which are located in West Flanders. And you have many advantages, as holder of a MAES multi-brand fuel card. With that card you are sure that you do not pay too much for your refueling. A reassurance of size! Moreover, thanks to MAES ‘handy online management module, you can safely ban your PMO or other partner tank receipts to the trash can: every refueling – both yours and your team – is automatically registered online, so you’ll keep your finger on the pulse anyway. The icing on the cake is the monthly transparent invoice. In other words, you never get surprises.

Request a MAES fuel card for companies

Would you like to be able to refuel at PMO and other partner stations at the most attractive price? Then we have good news for you: requesting a MAES multi-brand fuel card is completely free. You simply provide us with the desired number of fuel cards through our website – whether or not with mandatory mileage permit to prevent fraud or, as a user of professional diesel, the recovery of the discount on the excise duty increase. We take care of the rest!

Request a free fuel card