Cheap refueling in Limburg? You have MAES for that!

Do you have a business in the province of Limburg, and do you often send your team on the road to customers or suppliers by company car? Or do you do a lot of kilometers yourself as an independent service provider, advisor or seller? Then it is important to have a fuel card that makes it possible to refuel quickly and cheaply, whether you and your employees have to be in Alken or Zutendaal. Here you can discover how MAES fuel cards meet that wish.

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MAES makes cheap refueling possible

MAES is not only synonymous with excellent service, but also with cheap refueling. Thanks to our fuel card for companies you never pay a cent too much. Wondering which stations in Limburg accept your MAES fuel card? Consult our Station Finder: you will immediately see where you need to be. Enter your zip code or city in the top left corner and our website will do the rest. Did you know that you can also filter by fuel type and even payment method? Useful!

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Multi-brand fuel card, wide coverage

Cheap refueling is one thing, but of course you don’t want your employees to make kilometer-long detours before they can complete their car. Fortunately, with MAES you can be sure of a good coverage. In other words, there is always a petrol station in your area – either your own MAES petrol station or one of our partners. You read that correctly: with a MAES fuel card you can also go to Esso, Texaco, Octa +, Bruno and other brands, because you have a multi-brand fuel card in your pocket!

Request a fuel card? Completely free

We must “disappoint” those who are still waiting for the proverbial snag. Not only can you refuel cheaply with your MAES fuel card, but there are also no small print. For example, we do not request a minimum purchase and we don’t charge monthly costs, above all requesting your fuel card is completely free.

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