Cheap refueling in East Flanders? With MAES of course!

As a self-employed person or business manager, you may have other things on your mind than the fuel card that you or your employees use to fill up their company car. And yet the choice of such a fuel card is not a detail! Cheap refueling of course means that you save a lot of costs – so that you can invest in other things – while a fuel card with a wide coverage does not let your team drive around unnecessarily looking for a gas station where they can go with their card. Again time savings, and therefore financial profit. Based in East Flanders? Then MAES is the ideal fuel card provider for you.

MAES: broad coverage in East Flanders

Employees who have to drive for miles while facing low fuel levels on their way to a customer or an event are rightly frustrated. Fortunately, you save them this feeling with a MAES fuel card for companies. Thanks to our fuel card, your team has a petrol station nearby everywhere in East Flanders – from Aalst to Zulte. We not only have a large number of our own stations available, but also a partner network that includes Esso, Texaco, Octa +, G&V, PMO and other brands. Wondering which petrol stations in East Flanders accept the MAES multi-brand fuel card? Consult our Station Finder below, and you will see it immediately.

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Cheap refueling in East Flanders

Cheap refueling in East Flanders becomes extremely easy with a MAES fuel card in your pocket. Our pump prices are among the lowest in the region. You get discounts on all your refueling in East Flanders, except along the motorway. And do not worry: that advantage is not accompanied by annoying snags. For example, it costs absolutely nothing to request your MAES fuel card, and there are no monthly costs or minimum purchases. Useful!

Little cost, little administration

Your employees can refuel cheaply wherever they are, and you … meanwhile keep an overview of the costs they have already incurred thanks to the clear online management module. Deactivating cards is also no problem via that online module, while your employees can use it to consult or adjust their personal profile (including their PIN code).

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