MAES fuel card: make it easy for yourself

MAES offers the best mobility solutions on the market. So, that’s out. But what does that mean? Here we will show you the many ways in which the MAES fuel card for companies and the MAES Mobility Card can provide you with a service. Our personal MAES service is of course always included, but we do more.

Benefits of the MAES fuel card

The MAES fuel card for companies fits perfectly in your pocket. In other words, it is not a big card, but it does provide you with great benefits. One of these benefits is that you can always refuel close to home with our network of almost 1500 stations. In addition, your MAES fuel card guarantees you a nice fuel discount – although it costs nothing to request them. On the corresponding online platform, you will also immediately find a clear overview of expenses and invoicing, and you can deactivate your card (s) at your fingertip. Fancy a card that can do even more? Then you can’t go wrong with the MAES Mobility Card, which makes refuelling easy, but also parking, paying tolls or taking public transport. The MAES Mobility Card is even tailored to the latest cash-for-car scheme.

Make the difference with a MAES card

MAES prepaid card

MAES Fuel Card
for companies

The MAES fuel card makes your life more comfortable and affordable.

  • With almost 1500 gas stations always in your neighborhood
  • Always a competitive fuel price
  • Free application without additional obligations
  • Customize your code yourself
MAES mobility card

MAES Mobility Card

The best mobility card in the market with the MAES service.

  • Your mobility remains completely under control
  • Not only makes refueling easy, but also parking, paying tolls or taking public transport
  • Plan your trip with the handy Milo app
  • Maximum VAT recovery
MAES tankkaart zonder bedrijfswagen

Fuel card without company car

When thinking of a fuel card you may immediately think a company car. Yet it does not necessarily have to be part of it. If you only want to make a fuel card available to your employees, you can do that perfectly. In that case you must make sure that your employees always register their trips correctly, because the tax authorities make a distinction between professional and private trips and commuter traffic. On our blog we explain the advantages and disadvantages of a fuel card without a company car, and we discuss the ‘benefit in kind”.

MAES fuel card for the self-employed

The MAES fuel card is not only the perfect partner for large companies. Do you work as a self-employed secondary profession, do you have a limited liability company or a venture? Regardless of your specific situation, the MAES fuel card for the self-employed provides you with lots of benefits. You and / or your employees always refuel at a competitive price at more than 1,500 filling stations. The MAES fuel card for the self-employed is also easy to manage online. Ready for administrative simplification, financial benefit and time savings? Request your fuel card immediately, free of charge and without any obligations.

Compare fuel cards

Would you rather put the options side by side first? Quite right. To compare fuel cards and to find out what the best fuel card is for your situation, you must of course check where you can refuel at a competitive price – in any province. Fuel prices are extra advantageous at MAES:

In addition, the size of your fleet also plays a role for your fleet fuel card, and the type of car your employees use to drive around. And the funding ratio? It also counts, of course. With MAES you are in the right place in that area, as you can discover below.

The MAES fuel card is a multi-brand fuel card

Although our name and our logo are on the MAES fuel card and the MAES Mobility Card, you can use these handy maps to get to many more stations than our 280 own stations. In order to provide you with an exceptionally wide coverage, we joined forces with other major stations. So, with the MAES fuel card you can:

With the MAES cards you get a multi-brand fuel card: thanks to our extensive partner network, you always enjoy the unique MAES benefits in terms of discounts, online management – and much more – regardless of the brand of station.

Refuelling in Belgium

As a manager, you want your employees to be able to get on the road with peace of mind. MAES helps you by offering a very personal service in the stations and at the same time watching over the fuel price. With the MAES fuel card for companies you never pay a penny too much and you benefit from hefty discounts. Moreover, as an employer, you can perfectly see where your employees have refuelled and what that costs. We even have a fuel card for companies with mandatory mileage ratings, so that you can monitor the consumption of your employees and immediately notice any fraud. Refuelling in Belgium is best done with MAES!

Refuelling in the Benelux

Do your employees often have to go beyond the national borders to be able to do their job? No problem: refuelling in the Benelux is also done with the multi-brand fuel card from MAES. Our broad partner network includes Esso, Texaco, G & V and PMO in Belgium; Esso, Haan, Firezone, Texaco and Vissers in the Netherlands; and Esso and Texaco in Luxembourg.

Looking for the nearest petrol station?

MAES is always close by. Use our handy station finder to find the nearest gas station. You can even install the locator on your smartphone to know even more quickly where you need to be and to find the way to the petrol station via gps.

Attention: wherever you tank, be on guard for skimming. Never use payment terminals that look abnormal and screen off the keyboard with your hand when you enter your PIN code.

Find the nearest gas station

Enter your postcode or town

Online management of your MAES fuel card

Curious for what amount your employees have already refuelled this month? Looking up an invoice? All information about your MAES fuel card can be found … online! Thanks to the extensive portal you follow the refuelling behaviour of your staff closely and you never get surprises. Moreover, you can easily request an additional fuel card for companies or block a fuel card in your personal online module.

Go to my MAES

Request a fuel card

Do you want to take advantage of the many benefits of a MAES fuel card for professionals? Ask them in a few simple steps:

  • Enter the desired number of fuel cards and your VAT number
  • Complete and confirm your details
  • Click on the confirmation that you receive via e-mail
  • Receive your fuel card (s) after three – five working days (if our credit check was positive)

After you receive your card (s), you can easily personalize your code so that you never forget it. You can change your pin code at any MAES petrol station and at the Desimpel petrol stations.

Do you want to request a fuel card, but no idea which one exactly? Discover the tips on our blog to make your choice easier.

Request a free fuel card for professionals


 The MAES Prepaid fuel card

Do you like the financial strings in your hands? Then the MAES Prepaid card is for you (and for your employees). You determine the budget, charge it in advance … and you are ready to refuel. In contrast to our multi-brand fuel card, you can only use the prepaid fuel card at Desimpel and at our own MAES stations. But rest assured, then you still have a choice of over 75 stations. Moreover, you always get the best fuel price. Request your card for free? You do that through a simple form.

Questions about our cards? We are happy to help you.

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