EW Mastercard

With this Mastercard from Eurowag you can easily arrange all payments from your drivers en route. You can place a standard amount on this or you can only do this when there are unexpected costs.

EW Mastercard

  • You can deposit an amount online to the card whenever you want and this transfers immediately in the account.
  • This way your employees can use it instantly. You can use the card for all kinds of car services. This can range from, car repair services, fines and you can even withdraw money from it at an ATM.
  • You can put the card on a number plate or on the name of one of your drivers.
  • You can use this card anywhere that has a “Mastercard” logo.

This card has been specifically marketed for transport companies and offers a way to control costs and manage unexpected expenses for drivers. The intention is that you do not put any money on the card before departure, so you can prevent abuse. If unexpected costs do arise, you can quickly put money on the card via a handy online portal and you can continue immediately.


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