MAES is entering into a partnership with EuroWag

MAES recently entered into a partnership with Eurowag. As a result, MAES will offer Eurowag services in Belgium to the transport sector in combination with the well-known service from MAES.

  • Eurovignette
  • EETS (One tollbox for the whole of Europe)
  • Mastercard – payment card with zero balance
  • Administrative processing of VAT recoveries
  • Best fuel prices in Europe

Who is EuroWag or EW?

Eurowag is originally a Czech company that has been around for 20 years and is the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe. Their goal is to offer 1 solution for all transport companies throughout Europe. This can range from fuels, toll payments, tax refunds, fleet management or general advice. They are a player on the European market with a solution for all the different systems within Europe.

At the moment, different toll systems ensure that you need several devices before you can cross the border. EW / MAES supplies one device and one card and is therefore one partner that you can use anywhere in Europe.


MAES has since become a national player and with our fuel cards we even have an extensive network throughout the Benelux. Together with our partner Satellic, we provide toll for the whole of Belgium. We know all too well that several companies see Europe as their market, so thanks to our collaboration with Eurowag, we now also have a fully integrated European all-in-one service aimed at the European transport company.

You can easily register for the Eurovignette via EW, which you can pay with your Eurowag card. This is a fully electronic system for paying the toll in Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands & Sweden. You can buy this for a day, month or year.

Interested in the Eurovignette?

One handy on-board unit for the whole of Europe. This means you only have to have one device in the truck with which you can pay your toll in every European country. Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, …

Take a look here for more information about EETS

EW Mastercard – Payment card with zero balance
With this card you can ensure that your drivers can easily solve problems on the road. You put an amount on the card in real time so that they can immediately pay all their unexpected expenses.

Click here for more info about the EW Mastercard

Eurowag fuel card
Via our partner EW you can now access a network of 11,000 stations throughout Europe. And this at competitive prices. In addition to our own stations, you can go refuel at Shell, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil & Lukoil.

A handy overview of all cards is available here

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