EW Eurowag kaart


Eurovignette is a common toll system in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. A vignette is required when using motorways in these countries. Even if a vehicle just needs to use the country as a transit.

The Eurovignette system is fully electronic – when you register the vehicle, it is put in a database for the selected period. You can do this for the period of one day, a week, a month or even a year. You also do not have to keep a copy in your car as proof. This toll only applies to vehicles of an MTM with more than 12 tons.

All Eurowag customers can purchase a vignette directly online via the eurovignette portal site and no additional activation is required. Eurowag One customers can also buy a vignette at one of the points of sale, conveniently located at the border crossings.

This is not the same as the On Board Unit that you need for some countries.


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