On Board Unit for the whole of Europe

The OBUs from Satellic are aimed at the Belgian roads. For other countries this means a new device, a new system and a separate payment. EW and MAES have a solution for this.

MAES and EUROWAG can soon offer you EETS: one on-board unit for the whole of Europe. One device that allows you to pay your toll in every European country. Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, …

EETS also has a track & trace function – so you are always aware of where your vehicle is. Easy to plug in and change from car to car. The customer service will speak to you in your own language. Competitive prices and no extra costs. All summarized in a handy online portal.

The OBU device automatically changes system if you come to another country. So you don’t have to do anything yourself anymore and you can get on the roads carefree.

If you only drive in Belgium, then of course we have our partnership with Satellic.


Take a look here and let us know how we can help you further.