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Road Tax

Starting from the first of April 2016, every lorry driving around in Belgian territory must be equipped with an On Board Unit (OBU). The OBU is only required when the motor vehicle has an MTM (Maximum Permissible Mass) of more than 3.5 tonnes. From the first of January 2018, the additional vehicle category N1 with bodywork code BC of 3.5 tonnes or less has also been added.

The toll is levied on motorways, but also on a number of regional and municipal roads. The OBU must always be on as soon as you leave Belgium, that is, even if you are not on a toll road. The toll is regulated by the company Satellic on behalf of Viapass.

Since January 2018 the OBU device can also be used for the Liefkenshoek tunnel. More info can be found below.

What can MAES do for you in the entire toll story.

As a recognized partner of Satellic, we are your first point of contact.

  • We make you familiar with the toll system
  • We answer all your questions
  • We take over the entire administrative burden

Which means:

  • We register your company and your vehicles via the Satellic portal
  • We can order the OBUs, Satellic always requests a guarantee of 135 euros per device. We will forward the payment details
  • We can connect and disconnect the OBUs and the cars in the system
  • We take over the payment guarantee
  • We will collect the amounts due every Sepa every 14 days

Unlike many other providers of this service, our service is and remains free.

What do you have to do to enjoy this free service?

  • You should fill in the following documents (Mandate & SEPA mandate) and deliver it to us
  • You should send a copy of the documents of the car to us (registration certificate or registration certificate & identification report or technical sheet)

How the system works

The OBU detects via satellite signal where the vehicle is located and which route it follows. The system then applies the tariff that applies to that type of road. The OBU calculates the toll to be paid, which depends on the maximum permitted mass, the emission class and the type of road.

You can easily follow everything via the Satellic portal, the Road User Portal, where you can get an overview of the amount to be paid as well as where the car has driven. You can also find your invoices on this portal. From us you will receive an email every two weeks with the amount to be paid for information and we will offer this to your bank via direct debit.

You can have the device installed or simply plug in the cigarette lighter.


All data that is transferred is encrypted. This ensures the privacy of the user at all times. You can always check how many kilometers were driven. You can also easily have your account removed at Satellic once you no longer need the OBU device.


From this year you can also use your OBU device for the Liefkenshoek tunnel. When activated, the OBU will allow you to pass the toll gates without delay. And you enjoy the lowest toll rate!

Upon arrival, an antenna automatically registers your OBU after which the barrier opens, the light goes green and you can continue on the road. You do not have to search for your card or even stop at the tollbooth. The settlement of the toll will then take place in the same way as the kilometer charge. Afterwards you can also download the invoice via the Road User Portal from Satellic. For more information you can always contact us or you can visit the website of the Liefkenshoektunnel here for more information about the rates.

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