Petroleum stoves Zibro and Inverter

Zibro provides a warm welcome wherever you wish. Your Zibro Kamin petroleum stove does not need a chimney or installation. You really place your Zibro wherever you want. In the living room, the hall, the garage, the porch, the garden shed or just in the kitchen. Thanks to its light weight and the 2 sturdy handles you can move it effortlessly.


Zibro is very economical in use. With only 0.1 liters per hour (per 1,000 watts) you heat your room. And at lightning speed: in only 4 minutes she reaches full power. This is because Zibro works on pure petroleum (a budget friendly fuel) and because you only place her where you want heat at that moment.


Zibro petroleum is sulfur-free especially for use in all Zibro stoves and all other heaters with a wick or laser. This is the only suitable product for a certain number of cooking ranges.

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