MAES CleanDiesel (HVO)

MAES CleanDiesel (HVO)

MAES constantly innovates. The developments in the field of new energy carriers for the vehicle fleet such as CNG, LNG, hydrogen and electricity are closely followed by us and applied once the technology has proven its reliability. As of now, MAES is also marketing MAES CleanDiesel, a fuel for diesel engines consisting of HVO or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. HVO is a 100% organic diesel that reduces the environmental impact.

Renewable diesel

MAES CleanDiesel is a renewable diesel made from residual waste which makes the impact considerably less on our environment. It is a 2nd generation biodiesel: it is produced from various residual flows from the food industry and not from food crops such as soya and palm oil. That is why we can safely say that these products are produced  much more sustainably and therefore much more favourable for the climate on our planet.

Biggest benefits MAES CleanDiesel

  • The main advantage of MAES CleanDiesel is of course the impact it has on the environment. It is a biodegradable product and contains a smaller number of harmful substances compared to ordinary diesel. The numbers speak for themselves:
    • 33% less particulate matter compared to ordinary diesel
    • 9% less nitrogen oxides than in normal diesel
    • 30% less hydrocarbon than in normal diesel
    • 24% less carbon monoxide than in normal diesel
    • In total between 80 and 90% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • MAES CleanDiesel is a drop-in product, which means that it can immediately go into the tank of your car without you having to do something for it. No extra material, conversion or additional costs. You can put it into your car like ordinary diesel and it also works the same. There is also no maximum percentage in the mix, you can put up to 100% in your car en this will work as normal.
  • With most cars, the performance of the car will be at least as good as, usually even slightly better.
  • Your ecological footprint will be significantly reduced and you will help to take the next  step in using alternatives for non-exhaustible fossil fuels.

Is HVO going to replace normal diesel?

Regular diesel has been losing popularity for several years. Some car manufacturers have already reduced or temporarily halted the development of diesel engines, even with some governments conventional diesel is no longer on the top shelf. But with MAES Bluediesel (HVO) the biggest pollution problems have already been solved and this gives the diesel engine a new future.

NESTE: Our Partner

We offer MAES CleanDiesel in collaboration with our partner Neste, they are the largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste streams from agriculture and cattle breeding: With this we work on sustainable solutions for your transport and our planet.