Gas oil price or heating oil price: this is how it is achieved

The fact that you are certain of the lowest price for your gas oil at MAES is beyond doubt. And as a smart consumer you also want to keep an eye on the evolution of the oil price, to be able to place your order at the right time. But do you know how exactly that fuel oil price comes about?

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Factors that have an influence on the gas oil price

The basic factor for the gas oil price is determined by the price of a barrel of crude oil on the international market. This market price depends on the law of supply and demand. Furthermore, the oil price also depends on external factors such as the evolution of the dollar exchange rate (crude oil is always traded in dollars). Finally, all kinds of taxes, contributions and excises have a big impact.

Official fuel oil price protects the consumer

In 1974, the government created a system of official maximum daily prices to protect consumers against excessive price fluctuations in petroleum products (including the fuel used to heat your home). Those daily prices include, first of all, a fixed maximum margin for petroleum companies and suppliers. That means that MAES as a supplier of gas oil is not allowed to exced that margin, but of course we are free to dive under it! In addition, contributions are set off in the official maximum price for the Social Heating Fund and contribute to guarantee the security of supply of our country. Finally, the price includes a VAT rate of 21% (on the whole).

The advantages of the gas oil price system

The protective mechanism that the government created in the form of the official maximum prices, linked to the free heating oil market and the strong competition – makes that you as a customer can choose for each order with which supplier you want to go with. So make sure you never pay too much. And that isn’t going to be a problem when choosing MAES. Moreover, you know where you stand at any time: the fuel oil price is transparent, ‘all-in’ and clearly structured. You know it in advance and can manage your heating budget optimally.

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