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Gas oil compared to other types of heating

If you want to heat your home or workplace, you have a lot of options today. Different types of renewable energy are available, but also pellets, natural gas, propane and electricity are among the possible types of heating. We list a few comparison points.

Gas oil and natural gas: equally sustainable

Natural gas has a greener image than gas oil, because there is effectively less emissions at the end of combustion than with oil. But of course the emission at the end point is not the only thing we have to take into account if we really want to compare objectively.

If we also observe the phases prior to incineration, the impact of gas oil is only 14%, while it rises to 31% for imported natural gas from Russia and the Middle East / Africa due to direct methane losses and the mass of energy needed is for the liquefaction and transport of natural gas. In short, gas oil and natural gas ultimately have the same impact on the greenhouse effect.

Gas Oil:more affordable and efficient than electricity

If we compare gas oil and electricity, the financial benefit of gas oil immediately catches the eye. Electricity is by far the most expensive energy source on the Belgian market: you have to pay more for it than for oil. Moreover, the consumption of an electric heating system is significantly higher than that of traditional heating on gas oil.

Renewable energy sources … with plan B

Renewable energy extracted from, for example, solar panels or a heat pump is of course unbeatable in terms of environmental friendliness. Yet you benefit most if you combine this type of energy with a more traditional energy source such as gas oil. In a hybrid installation, gasoil serves as an energy buffer, so that the supply risk of renewable energy is completely excluded and the risk of overloading the electricity network in the winter and during peak hours significantly decreases.

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