Benefits of heating with gas oil

Economical, safe, environmentally conscious and independent

Whether you have a mansion, a terraced house, an apartment or an office space: gas oil is always a smart choice for your heating. Gas oil is not only a lot more durable than most people suspect; it is also an extremely economical and safe fuel. Here we go deeper into the advantages of heating with fuel oil.

Why Gas oil is an extremely economical fuel

Gas oil and heating systems on gas oil are undergoing continuous evolution. Numerous innovations have made the fuel much more efficient in recent years. With a modern heating oil boiler, for example, you use about 40% less than with an old system. How do you recognize such an economical gas oil boiler? For this you have to consult the energy label that every new heater on heating oil must have mandatory since 2015. With a device with product label B you already meet the standards, but of course a device with label A has an even better efficiency.

No explosion or other danger!

Heating with gas oil is a completely safe choice. The fuel never burns in liquid, but only in evaporated condition – and that involves a whole process. Moreover, the flash point is above 55 ° C, as a result of which gas oil never ignites at normal ambient temperatures. The risk of CO poisoning is also non-existent: modern combustion techniques guarantee a smooth supply of fresh air, complete combustion and a good discharge of combustion gases in a closed circuit. Also with regard to storage, you are well off with gas oil – especially if you have your tank checked regularly.

Environmentally conscious with fuel oil

New heating technologies and greener fuel compositions make gas oil an environmentally conscious fuel. For example, the sulfur content in fuel oil was systematically lowered, from 1000 ppm to 50 ppm or (for gas oil extra) to 10 ppm. Moreover, your gas oil can perfectly combine with solar energy or another renewable energy source. In such a hybrid installation the free energy from nature is your plan a, and gas oil guarantees a pleasant indoor climate and / or domestic hot water when not enough energy can be extracted from the environment. Maximum comfort, with a minimal ecological footprint.

Fuel oil offers complete freedom

Finally, heating with gas oil gives you complete freedom: you order when you want, how much you want and with whom you want. You can even monitor the price of gas oil daily and re-order when it is financially most advantageous. Moreover, you do not have to pay connection, management or metering costs and do not depend on a network.

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