If you want to order AdBlue from us you can also order AdBlue OptiSpray. OptiSpray is especially needed for diesel engines where there is a low average load on the engine, driving behavior with a lot of “stop-and-go” and a high level of idling. It is also better for engines of some brands with a lower exhaust gas temperature to use OptiSpray instead of AdBlue

OptiSpray (Air1) is the regular AdBlue with an addition, specially made for engines that do not get enough temperature. This low temperature can cause blockages in the pipes and exhaust systems.

Such a blockage can occur in vehicles that often run stationary with little high load, engines that are only used for a short time, for example tractors, cranes, excavators, garbage trucks, city buses, etc.

What does OptiSpray do?

When the AdBlue is injected into the exhaust system, a certain temperature is required to allow the hydrolysis (conversion of harmful gases to harmless gases) to continue. If the temperatures are too low, the AdBlue can be processed less well, causing the AdBlue to crystallize, this crystallisation causes the blockage.

If OptiSpray is injected into the exhaust system, it forms a much finer spray than AdBlue. This ensures that less heat is needed to evaporate the excess water from the spray, so that more heat is available for the hydrolysis.

When should I consider the use of OptiSpray?

  • On the advice of the truck manufacturer
  • When the indicator light of SCR counter pressure on the dashboard flashes
  • When you notice a reduced motor coupling
  • When you notice difficulties when starting the engine

An engine can cause problems for several reasons, so please consult your garage mechanic.

If you continue to ignore all warning signs, the vehicle will eventually block and repairs need to be made.

OptiSpray as a prevention measure

OptiSpray only works after the system has been cleaned or replaced. The product is primarily a prevention measure to avoid this blockage in the future.

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