Discover our brand new shop in Haine-St Paul

Since the beginning of July you can visit our new shop at the MAES gas station in Haine St-Paul. In the new shop you can find all kinds of things, from newspapers to fresh sandwiches!

Neighbourhood shop

We operate the shop at our new MAES gas station under the name l’Unique. You can only find these shops at our gas stations, but they are more than just a regular gas station shop. With the shops of l’Unique, we want to be more of a neighborhood store where you can go for everything you need. Of course for the traditional things you expect in such a shop such as coffee, drinks (hot & cold), newspapers, magazines, … but on the shelves you can also clean & household products, preserves, toilet paper and ice creams. There is even a lovely bakery for fresh bread rolls and other goodies!

Promotional actions in the shop

Every month we also run some promotions on you. You can find those promotions in the shop. Both on posters and on the screens, but of course you can also just keep an eye on our Facebook page, in which we give a sneak peek of the veil every month 😉

At the pump

In addition to the brand new shop, there is also a completely renovated gas station in the colors of MAES. Here you can find all traditional products such as petrol & Diesel. But you can also go there for AdBlue, Petroleum and Gasoil! All this at a competitive price for excellent quality! Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area!

You can go there every day! In the week from 06:00-20:00 and on the weekend from 08:00-17:00.