Through our partner Eurowag, we can offer the service to have your foreign VAT refunded easily and quickly. Why would you choose this?


  • They handle various tax documents, including fuel, tolls, accommodation, etc.
  • You have to spend much less time to get this in order.
  • They have a handy and clear online portal where you can enter all the details and you can also find all necessary documentation on this portal.
  • Fast refund
Excise duty refund from abroad

These repayments are an important and often overlooked source of income for your business. You can handle this administratively challenging task quickly via EW. And this immediately for all countries where you can have part of the excise tax refunded.

With the return of these taxes you can considerably reduce fuel costs, so you can easily save a nice amount (€ 200) every time you refuel. You can get the duty back from, among others: France, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Net invoicing

This method, also known as a “Financed Refund“, is one of the quickest ways to reclaim value added tax and excise duty that you paid when you purchased fuel, tolls, or other passenger or freight services. With NET Invoicing you can receive your tax refund almost immediately.

In other words: you do not have to wait for the money to be sent to you by the respective financial authority – Eurowag takes over the financing of VAT and excise duties that you have already done when drawing up the invoice. Moreover, you can get financing not only for your Eurowag invoices, but also for all invoices from third parties that were not paid for by Eurowag cards.

With EW you can have your VAT repaid quickly

One of the most important advantages with the services of Eurowag for your VAT refund is a considerably shorter period for receiving your VAT refund. In practice this can vary from 3 weeks to a few months, this of course depends on the country and jurisdiction.

The faster the better of course for your company and your cash flow. Eurowag mainly focuses on handling the bureaucratic process as quickly as possible. Because of this, it can often save one month per quarter until you receive the money.


Take a look here and let us know how we can help you further.